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Psoriatic arthritis response criteria

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Psoriatic Arthritis and anti-TNF


Treatment requirements


Failure of two DMARDS

3 or more swollen joints (dactylitis=1 joint)

3 or more tender joints

Usual exclusion criteria (see RA)


Psoriatic Arthritis Response Criteria



1. Tender joint count (/78)

2. Swollen joint count (/76)

3. Patient Global Assessment (0-5)

4. Physician Global Assessment (0-5)



Improvement requires:


Improvement in at least two of the above

None of the above worse

Improvement in joint counts defined as decrease by >= 30%

Improvement in global assessments >=1



Global assessments


In general would you say your arthritis, over the last week, has been:


0. Excellent

1. Very Good

2. Good

3. Fair

4. Poor

5. Very poor




Eligibility requires:


1. No Contra-indications


Active infection

Congestive heart Failure



2. Active Disease

3 or more swollen and 3 or more tender joints

(on two occasions at least one month apart)


3. Failure of 2 DMARDs

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